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Episode #106 - Bill 24 and White Judges
November 14, 2017 08:19 PM PST
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We begin by taking a look at the Alberta Party, and the resignation of its leader Greg Clark. Where is the party heading and can it be a significant player in the 2019 election?

Later Bill 24 in the Alberta Legislature, and the UCP's opposition to it. Is it a surprise and what gamble is Jason Kenney taking?

Finally on #TrumpWatch: appointing overwhelmingly white judges to the courts, that in many cases are underqualified for service. How profound of a legacy will this create?

Episode #105 SPECIAL - On the ground in Iowa
November 07, 2017 09:31 PM PST
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On this special episode, we look at the US Presidential Election of 2016, one year after the surprise results.

Elliott shares his personal experiences of campaigning in the state of Iowa for Hilary Clinton in the days leading up to the vote.

Listen as he shares some candid stories of whom he met and the reactions he encountered and more.

Episode #104 - "K"rowning Kenney
October 30, 2017 07:59 PM PDT
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Discussing Jason Kenney's victory for the leadership of the United Conservative Party of Alberta. What role will Brian Jean play in this opposition and what kind of attacks can we expect towards the NDP, and vice versa towards this new opposition party.

Later the latest developments in the Spanish region of Catalonia's quest for independence. What lessons can be learned?

Finally on #TrumpWatch: targeting consumers and the banking system, and running campaigns on misinformation, vitriol, and gross hyperbole.

Episode #103 - UCP Leadership & Catholic Curriculum
October 25, 2017 03:57 PM PDT
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On Episode #103 we begin by discussing the upcoming leadership for the United Conservative Party in Alberta. Who will come out on top, and how much of an edge does Jason Kenney have over Brian Jean?

Later a look at plans for updated sex ed curriculum in Alberta and opposition from the Catholic school board. Are faith-based teachings compatible with an evolving society anymore?

Finally on #TrumpWatch: the death of four soldiers in Niger and the lack of clarity from the White House as to motives of the mission.

Episode #102 - Edmonton Elect's and Notley Shuffle's
October 17, 2017 09:44 PM PDT
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On Episode #102 we begin with a discussion of Edmonton's municipal election on October 16. What were the results, and why was voter turnout so low? What were the surprises of the night?

Later Rachel Notley's shuffling of her Cabinet. Is this the bench that will contest the 2019 election? What does the appointment of Sandra Jansen say about the government's needs to do well in Calgary?

Finally on #TrumpWatch: continued attempts to "kill" ObamaCare and the constant battle to erode the former President's legacy.

Episode #101 - YEG and Catalonian Votes
October 11, 2017 09:57 PM PDT
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With one week before Edmonton's city election, we take a look at the Wards of interest and the mayoral race. Who are some names to watch out for?

Later looking at the federal government's settlement with Indigenous Canadians and the infamous 60s scoop. Will any settlements finally erase the painful memories?

Then discussing the Spanish region of Catalonia and its independence vote. What can other countries learn from the fallout, and can declarations of independence really be legitimate if not recognized?

Episode #99 - International Votes
September 28, 2017 09:40 PM PDT
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It's Episode #99 and we discuss the mayoral race in Edmonton and a questionable appointee to the shadow ministry of Status of Women by the Conservative Opposition.

Later to international events: recent parliamentary elections in Germany and the emergence of the far right in the Bundestag.

An independence "vote" for Iraqi Kurdistan. Is it more symbolic than actually significant? Will there ever be a physical Kurdish state?

Finally on #TrumpWatch: failing to support Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and extending the countries targeted by the travel ban.

100th episode LIVE next, on OCTOBER 4!!

Episode #98 - YEG Votes and Parliament Returns
September 19, 2017 10:55 AM PDT
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On Episode #98, we discuss the upcoming municipal election in the City of Edmonton. A mayoral race without significant competition and Ward races to watch.

Later the return of Parliament: what issues can we expect to see this coming sitting? How will Andrew Scheer perform, and did he do well to begin his first Question Period by tackling tax reform?

#TrumpWatch; Ethics and profiting from the Presidency.

On the "780" Sean Spicer, Craft Beer, and Bobby "The Brain " Heenan!

Episode #97 - Whose Middle Class?
September 11, 2017 08:13 PM PDT
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We begin by discussing Paula Simons' article on UCP membership and its numbers in Edmonton. Should the capital be worried about being excluded in a UCP government?

Later the federal Liberals new announcements regarding middle-class taxes; did they promote their message well and are the Conservatives changing the definition of middle-class?

Finally on #TrumpWatch: targeting the Environmental Protection Agency and cutting funding on ideological grounds.

Announcing our 100th episode, live on October 4th!

Episode #96 - Trump is Trash
September 06, 2017 08:44 AM PDT
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We begin by discussing the pros and cons of maintaining historical names on public spaces, despite some offensive behaviour. Is Edmonton's Frank Oliver deserving of continued recognition and what can be done to learn the whole history of complex historical individuals?

Later the Alberta UCP and unclear spending and leadership rules. Is this seeming disorder actually carefully orchestrated?

Finally on #TrumpWatch: choosing to end DACA and targeting immigrants. Can Congress get some sort of compromise done?

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