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Episode #92 - Omar Khadr Primer and #TrumpWatch
July 10, 2017 11:34 PM PDT
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On Episode #92, we discuss the case of Omar Khadr, and the federal government's recent apology and financial settlement with him. What are the facts, and how is this being politicized? Can Khadr ever move on and what role does the Charter of Rights and Freedoms play?

Later the leadership race for the federal NDP: who are the candidates and what direction will they want to lead the party as the 2019 election approaches?

Finally on #TrumpWatch: more discussion about apparent collusion between the Trump team and the Russian government. Is there a smoking gun that can emerge from all of this?

Carding & Voter Suppression
July 03, 2017 09:58 PM PDT
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Episode #90 - Constitutional Crises
June 26, 2017 08:37 PM PDT
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It's Episode #90! We begin by discussing the Canadian Senate in response to its latest round of debate with the House of Commons. What were the initial reasons for the Senate's creation, and what kind of reasonable reform should we expect from the Upper Chamber?

Later the ongoing situation in BC and the looming fall of Premier Christy Clark's government. Will the election of a Speaker derail the NDP/Green plans to form
the government?

Finally on #TrumpWatch: is Trump learning how to better use Twitter, and the decision by the SCOTUS to temporarily uphold the travel ban.

On the 780, the greatness of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and National Geographic Channel's "Genius".

Episode #89 - Donald's Damage
June 19, 2017 08:18 PM PDT
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We begin by discussing the Alberta government's policy of more services for Francophone Albertans, and the continuing saga of the unification of Conservative parties in the province. Can internal struggles derail the whole process?

Later, the federal Liberals announcement of reducing times inmates spend in solitary confinement. Are the changes sweeping enough, and what else can be done in criminal justice reform?

Then #TrumpWatch: reverting to old policies on Cuba, Jeff Sessions and injustices towards racial minorities, and the Senate's moves into creating a replacement for Obamacare.

Episode #88- "Pride" and Prejudice
June 12, 2017 07:37 PM PDT
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We begin with a discussion of LGBT Pride and the stances and actions of the PC and Wildrose Parties of Alberta. Is there a stubborn resistance to accepting gay rights, and how will this issue be addressed in the potential United Conservative Party?

Later the retiring of Canadian Chief Justice Beverly McLaughlin and #TrumpWatch.....

Testimony by Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding the ongoing investigation into Russian interference.

Finally a look at the results of the UK Election. Can Theresa May's "coalition" survive, and what do the results say about how Britons want to proceed with Brexit?

Episode #87 - Trump vs. the World
June 08, 2017 06:57 PM PDT
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We welcome Sharon Mvundura on Episode #87, who will be joining us as a guest host in other future episodes.

On this jam-packed discussion, we look at Canada's foreign policy and a "new direction" announced by the Liberal government.

Later on #TrumpWatch: the decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement, the ongoing investigation into ties with Russia as well as James Comey's testimony, and Trump's comments towards the mayor of London.

Finally the UK election in the wake of Brexit and two terrorist attacks; can Theresa May's government survive?

Episode # 86-Scheer Surprise
May 29, 2017 08:06 PM PDT
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We begin by recapping the Leadership vote for the Federal Conservatives. How did Andrew Scheer pull off the victory, and what kind of leader will he be? Is he really just Stephen Harper "with a smile"?

Later the Alberta NDP and troubles in handling the interpretation of certain laws: the newest Labour Law as an example of having the narrative taken out of context and used by the Opposition for the attack.

Finally a look at the ongoing situation at the BC Legislature and the possibility of an NDP/Green 'coalition', and #TrumpWatch.....is the administration starting to understand how to operate and continuing questions about ties to the Kremlin.

Episode #85 - A Conservative Edition
May 23, 2017 09:10 PM PDT
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Our 85th episode features a discussion on Conservatives at the different political levels.

Provincially: the quest to unite Alberta Conservatives for the 2019 election. What hurdles still need to be cleared and can they be? Who will lead the party?

Federally: Leadership convention for the Conservative Party of Canada on May 27. Who are the candidates to watch, and how do Conservative delegates elect a leader?

Later on #TrumpWatch: the continuing firestorm over links to Russia, the firing of James Comey and the Republicans unwillingness to confront the President.

Episode #84 - Three Elections... One Podcast
May 13, 2017 03:57 PM PDT
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Michael and Elliott begin Episode #84 by discussing PM Trudeau's performance in Question Period and how it could be potentially used by his opponents to their advantage.

Later the results of the French Presidential election and Emmanuel Macron's victory. Did France dodge a bullet by rejecting Marine Le Pen? What can we expect in other European Elections?
Then #TrumpWatch: the firing of FBI Director James Comey. What are the real motives, and do Republican lawmakers have a duty to speak up?

Finally the results of BC Election 2017; Jordan returns to discuss the aftermath and how the political scene in the province could unfold in the following months.

Episode #83 - Battleground BC: Part II with Jordan Dowler-Coltman
May 06, 2017 02:22 PM PDT
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On Episode # 83 we discuss the upcoming election in British Columbia with special guest Jordan Dowler-Coltman, who joined us to discuss BC back on Episode # 16.

Listen for inside analysis on some of the key issues for voters, how the party leaders are presenting themselves, and some key ridings to watch for election night.
Including: Kamloops North and South, Surrey Fleetwood and Vancouver Frasierview.

BC Election is May 9th.

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